Prosper Group does not treat property management as a result of property investing. To us, it’s a key ingredient of successful property investing.

The way your residential investment property is managed can make a significant difference to your rental income and asset growth. At Prosper Group we take a different approach to property management, our entire business is focused on protecting and growing the wealth of our clients. We guarantee you achieve the best return on your investment and continued asset growth, all whilst ensuring your property is being looked after and your tenant is happy.

We undertake inspections after the first two months of a tenancy commencement and then at six-monthly intervals to assess the property’s condition. We provide you with a full report after these inspections with photographs giving you the evidence you need that the property is being effectively maintained.

On top of the day-to-day communication with tenants, we provide investment consultations to you, demonstrating how you can increase its value, avoid costly repairs as well as market conditions for rental increases,peak seasons and promote your property to attract loyal tenants

For peace of mind, income surety and maximum return on your residential property investment, you can trust Prosper Group, the investment property experts, to manage it all for you.


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