Commercial Property Asset Management

Future Growth – with vision

Prosper Group believes commercial property management is the key aspect to successful property investing. It most certainly is not a medial task born by the desire to invest in property.


The long term performance of an investment asset/property is as reliant on your commercial property manager as it is on the upfront purchase price. At Prosper Group we understand that commercial properties require careful management by an experienced management team in order to deliver reliable rental income and continued asset growth.

Whilst Prosper Group has the capabilities, it is not our objective to provide our commercial property management service to Property Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITS) or Institutions. Instead Prosper Group have tailored their Asset Management service towards Individuals, Family Offices, Associations and private businesses with property holdings. We understand the level of detail and communication expected from these owners and this is what we deliver.

Our Asset Management team is highly experienced with prior employment within some of Australia's largest property REITS, Institutions and Agencies. Our extensive portfolio within NSW and QLD includes; Shopping centres, Retail properties, Commercial buildings, Industrial and Medical Centres.

Prosper Group's Asset Management's key point of difference is our approach with our clients and tenants. Our level of experience, point of difference and personalised approach leads to more communication and advice, rather than simply providing a report at the end of each month. For our landlords this provides the confidence that their property and tenants are in good care. Our service includes:

  • Rent collection
  • Tenant management
  • Lease administration and compliance
  • Management of trade contractors
  • Financial management, including payment of all invoices and financial year budgets and reconciliation
  • Capital expenditure advice and management
  • Management and strategic advice WALE maximisation
  • Strategic advice for tenant retention
  • Strategic advice to improving income and maximising value
  • Facilities Management
  • Co-ordination and management of leasing agents
  • Lease negotiation and tenant approvals

Our focus on enhanced value and good tenant relationships means your returns are maximised and your investment is secure.

High Performance – with vision

Our Process

Realistic and achievable but always aspirational, our process gets results. 


Before entering into a commercial asset management contract, Prosper Group will consult to discuss your unique needs and goals. Our experienced asset management team will then tailor a management plan that meets those specific needs. This plan will outline the services to be provided and the goals to be achieved.

By providing comprehensive, tailored asset management services, Prosper Group ensures that our clients' commercial assets are well managed and their investments are secure.

Our focus on tenant relations, financial management, facilities management, and strategic planning and advice, ensures that our clients receive the maximum return on investment from their commercial properties.

Financial Management

Our team handles all financial aspects in managing your commercial asset. As a result of our strategic approach, we understand the numbers required for both income and outgoings in order for your property to perform at its peak. We pride ourselves on this performance.

The day to day financial management includes; collecting rent, paying invoices, and reconciling financial statements. We also create and manage annual budgets for the property, ensuring that expenses are controlled and cash flow is optimised.

Tenant Management

Our Asset Management team values our tenants and manages all aspects of tenant relations, from initial lease negotiations through to day to day management, lease renewals and termination of leases.

We ensure that tenants are paying rent on time and that the terms of their leases are being upheld. Our experienced team will work with tenants to resolve any issues that may arise.

Facilities Management

Our Asset Management team ensures that the property is well maintained and that any issues are quickly addressed. We have a preferred list of trade contractors ensuring that all work is completed to a high standard and priority service is received when required.

Strategic Planning

Our team provides strategic advice to improve income and maximise the value of the property. We work to maximise the weighted average lease expiry (WALE), tenant profile, provide advice on tenant retention strategies and in doing so improve the properties cash flow.

We also provide capital expenditure advice to ensure that the property is well maintained and advise on improvements that will provide a financial return.


Asset Managment FAQs

Our Asset Management team have the experience to grow your investment. 

What services do you offer for long-term return on investment and asset growth?

We provide a comprehensive and proactive approach to property asset management. We aim to optimise your property or portfolio's performance by developing and implementing a customised strategy that aligns with your investment objectives.

This may include identifying opportunities to improve property value, improving tenant calibre, improving lease structure and implementing market trend opportunities to improve the financial performance.

We prioritise long-term relationships with our clients, providing ongoing support and guidance to help you achieve your investment goals over time.

How do you ensure the financial performance of my property?

We are an advisory based business and have an in-depth understanding of the numbers required for a property to perform. We leverage off our advisory team to keep up-to-date with market rental and outgoing rates per square meter and apply these rates along with a well-structured lease to ensure your property is running at its peak performance.

When looking to improve a property's performance, often you have to look to the future to develop a plan years in advance in order to rectify issues which are holding back the property's financial performance.

How do you ensure that my commercial property asset is well maintained?

We understand that the condition of a property affects a property's net return and also the ability to attract high calibre tenants. Our Asset Management and Facilities team work together to identify works required to ensure your property or portfolio is well maintained. 

We have developed a team of contractors who provide professional service in line with our expectations. We manage maintenance of our properties in a proactive instead of reactive manner.

What strategies do you use to enhance the value of my commercial property asset over time?

We understand that increasing a property's cash flow is key to achieving long-term return on investment and asset growth. To that end, we employ a range of strategies to enhance a property's value, including capital expenditure programs (CAPEX), advising on add-value opportunities, improving tenant calibre and lease structure and consistently bench-marking a property's outgoings to industry standard and in doing so identifying cost-reduction strategies.

Additionally, we prioritise staying up-to-date on emerging market trends and opportunities, which may include identifying opportunities for property redevelopment or expansion.

How do you ensure that my commercial property asset is fully leased at all times?

We understand the importance of balancing short-term and long-term investment goals when managing commercial property assets. Ensuring a property is fully leased requires working with the existing tenants and commencing discussions a minimum of twelve months in advance. Our process is more than relying on what a tenant is advising, instead we assess how tenants are performing, their business growth to the size of tenancy and use of tenancy to develop an assessment of the likelihood of a tenant renewing.

Should we feel a tenant will be vacating, a strategy is implemented immediately to minimise the time between tenants.

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What our clients say

See what our satisfied clients have to say about our exceptional service and their successful outcomes.

Commercial Asset Management
Testimonial from Noor Crookshanks
Noor Crookshanks  
Executive Management - Mining Industry 

The complexities of commercial property investment and the importance of managing properties like a business made it an easy decision to engage a professional Property Manager.

Prosper Group were introduced to me by my stockbroker. I chose them over others as their service is tailored towards the financial performance of the property and creating equity within, as well as taking care of the day to day management activities.

Currently Prosper Group are in the initial stages of negotiations with my existing tenant to sign a new five year lease at an increased rate. In return, we will further develop the property to provide a greater net lettable area. If terms are agreed, this should provide a great return on my initial investment.

The Prosper Group team provides a professional and experienced service. I look forward to expanding our professional relationship and will continue to recommend their services to other investors. Read More

Commercial Asset Management
Testimonial from BSA Property Trust
BSA Property Trust  

Owning several properties means BSA Property Trust fully appreciates the importance of a good Property Manager. Prosper Group’s Asset Management service is about improving the financial performance of our commercial property. In our case they truly exceeded our expectations.

Prosper Group has been very active with our Brisbane commercial property investments. By maintaining close contact with the tenant they received an early indication that the tenant was planning to vacate the property at the end of their term.

Prosper Group immediately performed a market analysis, determining the appropriate market rental rates and terms on which a new tenant could be secured.

By the time the existing tenant had vacated a new prominent tenant had been located and terms agreed to – including a five year term and a net rental rate of $43 per sqm more than the previous tenant was paying.

Throughout the process, Prosper Group consistently updated us and arranged the whole leasing process.

They had improved the cash flow to a net yield above 10.5% and increased the value of the property by approximately 50%.

It is with confidence that I can say Prosper Group will be engaged to manage further commercial properties as we acquire them throughout NSW and QLD. Read More

Commercial Asset Management
Testimonial from S Chan
S Chan  
Artarmon, NSW 

I am happy to recommend Prosper Group to anyone with a commercial property investment. I have confidence knowing my property is being managed by professionals who understand the property market and the importance of the return on investment. Further, in my experience it’s obvious that Prosper Group handle all matters in a timely manner, meaning there are never any loose ends.

More recently I had peace of mind knowing that a market rental review was being handled by people with knowledge of recent leasing activity and local market trends. The rental negotiations were undertaken over a number of months and as I’m running my own businesses, I don’t have the necessary time to dedicate to such an important task. This was handled smoothly by Prosper Group and they kept me informed throughout the entire process. Read More