Buying An Investment Property

A Better Future – with vision

When done right, property can be a lucrative investment opportunity. We take the emotion out of the equation and centre our efforts on your financial aspirations.


The big misconception of property is you make your money when you sell. The real truth is you make your money when you buy. Property investment is all about buying the right property at the right price and our analytical approach to purchasing property aims to achieve exactly this for our clients.

Whether it's your first investment or you have an existing, we work in partnership with you to acquire the right investment property, fast. Our market insights and data will guide you on better performing locations, high growth areas, and type of asset and features to consider, to identify a shortlist and purchase a property that best meets your investment requirements.

We strategically inspect and assess all aspects of the property to ensure any issues are revealed well ahead of time and that you are fully informed of every advantage and disadvantage to make your decision.

Advocating your interests, securing the property for the best possible price and ensuring solid investment potential – all without you getting stressed in the process is the objective of our service.

With Vision - we help you achieve your goals

Our Process

Realistic and achievable but always aspirational, our process gets results. 


What are your goals? What are you looking to achieve? It is important for us to get a clear understanding. This helps us develop a custom investment strategy, ensuring the best outcomes.


We apply our expertise to your investment goals. Our team analyse the market, assess trends and identify opportunities which allows us to develop a strategy that is tailored to maximising your opportunities, using our expert knowledge and insights.


We use an analytical approach to develop strategies, combining industry expertise and data analysis to create a realistic but aspirational approach to achieve your purchase; with concrete recommendations, options and the tactics and strategies to achieve them. 


Our negotiation skills and tactics are second to none. Our experienced team is well-versed in the art of negotiation, and we are committed to getting the best possible deal for our clients.

We employ a range of tactics to achieve this, leverage our extensive network and employ a strategic approach to every interaction.


Our service includes support and guidance throughout the entire process of purchasing your property, including, navigating the contract and legal aspects. We work closely with legal professionals to ensure that all documents and agreements are clear and comprehensive, and that your interests are protected.

We also provide ongoing communication and advice to ensure a smooth and successful acquisition, making the entire process as stress-free as possible.


Residential purchased property

With a deep understanding of residential property and the current market, we have the vision to expertly guide our clients to their property purchase.


Residential Investment FAQs

Our residential property investment team have the answers. 

Why invest in property?

Property investment can offer several benefits, such as long-term capital growth, a regular income stream through rental yields, and potential tax advantages. Additionally, it can provide a tangible asset that can appreciate in value over time, act as a hedge against inflation, and offer diversification in an investment portfolio. Overall, property investment can be a smart choice for those looking to build wealth over time and achieve their financial goals.

What types of properties do you consider?

The property of choice is reflective on a client's budget and property aspirations. Depending on the brief, we look at apartments, blocks of units, semi's, townhouses and houses through to mixed-use properties.

How do you select properties to buy?

We search for locations offering good rental demand as well as an active re-sale market. We use the latest industry data and analytics along with our decades of experience and vast professional connections to source suitable properties. Focusing on locations with good infrastructure such as proximity to transport links, leisure facilities, green space, amenities and good schooling. Identifying properties suitable for long-term investment.

What location features should I look for when investing in property?

When investing in property, it is important to consider the location. To drive capital growth and attract desirable renters, you should take into account the proximity to public transport, major roads, cafes, amenities, schools, parks, beaches, and lifestyle opportunities. Additionally, consider the crime rate, development plans, and the overall appeal of the streetscapes.

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What our clients say

See what our satisfied clients have to say about our exceptional service and their successful outcomes.

Residential Buyers Agent
Testimonial from Geoff & Michelle
Geoff & Michelle  
Collaroy, NSW 

Having Prosper Group negotiate on our behalf made the process extremely professional and took the stress away from us. Read More

Residential Buyers Agent
Testimonial from Remy
Surry Hills, NSW 

Prosper Group made buying in the competitive Sydney market an extremely stress-free experience and really helped to guide us through the whole process. Without their exceptional expertise in the market and network, we wouldn't have been able to find our perfect place and especially in such a timely manner. Anthony was a pleasure to work with and I would highly recommend Anthony Ross and the team to anyone looking to buy! Read More

Residential Buyers Agent
Testimonial from Laura and Dennis
Laura and Dennis  
Tempe, NSW 

As first time property buyers, we were feeling very overwhelmed with the buying process particularly because of how competitive the market was. Prosper Group was brilliant in providing realistic advice about the areas that were accessible to us, while also listening to what was important to us in a property.

Being heavily pregnant, we were on a tight deadline to find somewhere and Prosper Group worked quickly to find options that would meet our needs. One of the first options was a house that we really liked but unfortunately we were outbid even prior to auction. Prosper Group quickly contacted local real estates and found an off-market opportunity for us on the same street across the road. This house was even better as it was bigger, more modern and had parking so we were thrilled that we could get this property for the same price and without the stressful auction process. We would never have got such a great option without her industry contacts and experience.

Prosper Group was brilliant throughout the whole process and we really felt like they were dedicated to helping us find our dream first home.

I would highly recommend Prosper Group to help with any of your property needs. The market is so competitive that it really pays to have someone with so much expertise and experience to help you have an upper hand. Read More

Residential Buyers Agent
Testimonial from Mitch and Jess
Mitch and Jess  
Croydon Park, NSW 

Prosper Group was our secret weapon in a highly competitive property market. Prosper Group guided us through the entire process, showed us through properties that we would never have found otherwise and gave us access to all the latest market information. Throughout our house hunting journey Prosper Group was professional, tenacious and optimistic, constantly telling us that a gem is just around the corner. They were right!  We would only ever buy property through Prosper Group. You want them on your team!

Read More

Residential Buyers Agent
Testimonial from Sharyn
Manly, NSW 

I utilised the services of Prosper Group in securing my gorgeous apartment overlooking Manly. Prosper Group’s experience, style and savvy anticipation of potential stumbling blocks sealed the deal for this purchase.

Had Prosper Group not been steering the ship, negotiating with tenacious and polite persistence on both sides, while ensuring a keen eye to detail, this gem of a place would’ve slipped through my grasp.

Thank you Prosper Group – you really are the masters!!

Read More

Residential Buyers Agent
Testimonial from Sam & Anthea
Sam & Anthea  
Bellevue Hill, NSW 

Prosper Group were great to work with as we searched and bought our home in Sydney from overseas. They made all aspects of the purchase as easy as it could be from the first contact with them through to the close of the sale. Even since purchasing the property, they have helped take care of the home as we organise our return to Australia. The team was tireless in their efforts to secure the right home for our family and highly knowledgeable about the state of the market and the particulars of each home we looked at over the weeks of our search. Thank you, we can’t wait to move in! Read More

Residential Buyers Agent
Testimonial from Claire
Rozelle, NSW 

Prosper Group recently helped us to buy an investment property in Rozelle. Their knowledge of the market, renovation potential and relationship with the selling agents gave us enormous confidence. Every piece of advice and strategy along the way was spot on and we secured the property we wanted, at the right price.

Thank you, Prosper Group for sharing your expertise! Read More

Residential Buyers Agent
Testimonial from Lloyd & Sharon
Lloyd & Sharon  
Northbridge, NSW 

We are thrilled with the outcome and securing in our preferred suburb is even better. We could have gone all year looking and searching. We are positive we could not have found a better home that suits our needs, and it is truly exciting. We want to thank Prosper Group and their team once again for providing a service that we will only ‘sing it’s praises’!

Read More

Residential Buyers Agent
Testimonial from Michael & Edwina
Michael & Edwina  
Turramurra, NSW 

Prosper Group made what could have been a taxing and draining process of selling and buying houses a rewarding and enjoyable experience. Providing sage, good humoured and thoughtful advice at every turn, Prosper Group had every angle covered. Their patience and professional approach helped us feel part of the process. Prosper Group’s calm and strategic thinking helped us navigate the anxiety of a volatile property market and nothing was too much to ask.

In helping us choose the right property and securing it at a good price, the final result was worth every penny. What Prosper Group ultimately save you is time and frustration by gently guiding you where you need to go.

Read More

Residential Buyers Agent
Testimonial from Louise & Andrew
Louise & Andrew  
Mosman, NSW 

Highly recommend Prosper Group. They were highly professional, knowledgeable and flexible when our brief changed! Also a pleasure to work with and we’re thrilled with our result.

Read More

Residential Buyers Agent
Testimonial from Caroline
Rose Bay, NSW 

Prosper Group helped me purchase my new home which I am absolutely thrilled about. The property was supposed to go to auction, but ended up in a best-on-offer contract show-down. This would have been a pretty daunting situation if it hadn’t have been for Prosper Group’s experience, charm and professionalism. I ended up spending $61,000 below the initial price guide.

Read More

Residential Buyers Agent
Testimonial from JW
Bondi Junction, NSW 

Prosper Group assisted me to purchase a beautiful terrace which is conveniently located and needing minimal work – it ticks all the boxes! The research included in the pricing allowed me to make informed decisions during the negotiation process and I felt secure with the knowledge that I had not paid too much. I have no hesitation in using Prosper Group again to purchase an investment property, as the service they offer pays for itself.

Read More

Residential Buyers Agent
Testimonial from Lewis
Glebe, NSW 

 I never thought I would get the house of my dreams on my first time buying – but I did – and I owe it all to Prosper Group. Buying my first property was daunting and riddled with mis-leading information from sellers agents, banks and inexperienced friends. From my first coffee with Prosper Group I could tell they got it. Prosper Group was empathetic and considered with their consultancy – but I knew under all that they would work their hardest to get me the best property at the best price. Of course, I had reservations about paying for a buyer’s agent when I thought I could search for properties and negotiate myself – but when I saw how deep Prosper Group go in investigating every single element of a potential property’s pros and cons (and saved me from a MAJOR poor buy, revealed only through a deep analysis of the property’s financial records) I had no doubt that the investment in a buyer’s agent would earn more than itself back through the purchase of a sound property.

Read More

Residential Buyers Agent
Testimonial from Rory & Deena
Rory & Deena  
St Peters 

Prosper Group are true professionals; their expertise and wisdom made purchasing our new home a joy. Having Prosper Group bid for us on the big day took the angst out of the process and allowed us to just enjoy ourselves as we watched them close the deal.

We wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Prosper Group for a painless purchase. Thanks guys.

Read More

Residential Buyers Agent

Earlier this year I had spent a disappointing 6 months searching for a new home – dealing with scores of agents, hundreds of open house visits, unsuccessful Auctions and rejected offers. I was starting to feel that I would never find a new home, let alone my perfect new home.

I decided to take a new tack and approached Prosper Group who had been recommended to me. After my first meeting I felt reassured that they would be able to find me my elusive new home.

Following an in-depth and warm conversation discussing my property requirements, not just my preferred locations, budget and style, but also all importantly, my lifestyle choices going forward, Prosper Group set forth with a plan to find me that perfect property.

I was guided with care and warmth through the currently wild and rocky real estate Sydney world. At no time during this buying experience did I feel that I was being too picky, indecisive or taking up too much time. On the contrary, I was encouraged that we were moving in the right direction to find the perfect property solution. I was thrilled to have purchased my fabulous new home within 2 months.

I cannot recommend Prosper Group highly enough. Read More

Residential Buyers Agent
Testimonial from Liz

I wasn’t sure what to expect from a buyers agent but, Prosper Group not only provided a fantastic level of service throughout the evaluation and negotiation process, they also provided moral support and guidance throughout all the challenges I faced with my broker. Overall, Prosper Group helped to take away much of the stress involved in buying property. Read More

Residential Buyers Agent
Testimonial from Alex & Mark
Alex & Mark  

Prosper Group stepped in to help my husband and I with our property search after we had spent 3 months unsuccessfully searching ourselves. As we wanted an apartment that would be a sound investment but which would also suit us to live in, the brief was a challenge. Prosper Group provided us with the perfect balance of hard data and professional and personal recommendations. Working with Prosper Group not only removed a lot of stress from the process but, as they are such a pleasure to deal with, we actually started to enjoy the searching process rather than feeling overwhelmed by it. Prosper Group found us an off-market place that suited our brief and the whole process only took 2 weeks. Fabulous! I would, and have already, recommended Prosper Group to anyone.

Read More

Residential Buyers Agent
Testimonial from Colin

We really didn’t grasp the beauty of the view when we decided to buy the house. So it’s been a pleasant surprise for us – both waking up to it and seeing the sunsets.

Overall, it couldn’t be further from our original brief of a 3 bedroom townhouse, on the flat, no stairs and near the shops. But we’ve managed to end up in a place which is far more house for the money, than we ever thought possible when moving to this area. For that we are very grateful to Prosper Group. I have no doubt that your help in executing the final deal contributed to a saving of $50,000 for us.

The time we saved using your services to vet properties before we viewed them, is hard to quantify in dollar terms. But I’d say it saved us 3-4 weekends of looking at houses which looked good on, but were not relevant.

Being quite time poor I value our time in terms of things I’d prefer to be doing.

We’re personally happy to recommend Prosper to anyone looking to buy on the North Shore, especially if they don’t know the market, as we didn’t. We got more than our money’s worth

Read More

Residential Buyers Agent
Testimonial from Carolyn
Hunters Hill 

Prosper Group were fantastic – without their help I would never have found my beautiful new home.

Close to family and transport/shops, it also has the quiet leafy outlook I had grown used to living on the Central Coast.

Prosper Group helped me choose a sales agent and manage the sale of my home, while they also searched for a new one. They found a beautiful ‘off-market’ apartment in my preferred block, and quickly handled all the due-diligence and negotiations.

I never could have done all this myself, and the alternative would likely have been a bland nursing home.

Read More

Residential Buyers Agent
Joanne Shepard and Chris Jolly  

I just wanted to say thank you so much for your invaluable assistance with the purchase of our new (forever) home. Your wise, patient and well timed counsel got us through what could have been a very difficult negotiation through to an excellent outcome. Your knowledge of the local area and agents was incredibly helpful and put us in the best possible position.

As you know, I was initially circumspect about the value that could be added by a buyer’s agent to this process, but working with you has made me a convert to the absolute necessity of bringing in an independent and skilled agent to negotiate on our behalf.

This was the largest purchase we will ever likely make and I now cannot understand why anyone (including, at one stage, me) would contemplate going it alone.

I would not hesitate to recommend you to anyone wanting an agent for their property purchase and, in fact, I already have recommended you to a number of friends. Read More

Residential Buyers Agent
Nikki and Ryan  

Prosper Group certainly helped make a very daunting task a lot easier than expected.

Thanks to the team at Prosper Group, the stress and pressure we’d placed on ourselves to purchase a property, completely dissolved.

We couldn’t have done it without them. Thank you Read More

Residential Buyers Agent
Testimonial from Mary

Prosper Group were fantastic to work with from start to finish.

They have an excellent knowledge of the market, and you don’t have to tell them anything twice.

I highly recommend their services and will definitely be using Prosper Group again for my next property purchase.

Prosper Group were not only professional but also very attentive and hard working. Read More

Residential Buyers Agent
Testimonial from Karen and Mick
Karen and Mick  

We watched the property market intently. We saw the market moving quickly, but whilst we had our finances ready, we did not have the time to act. We then made the decision to utilise a buyers agent and are so glad we did!

The team at Prosper Group have been fantastic in providing us with top quality options, in areas that suited our brief. Had we not engaged Prosper Group we would still be looking at Domain wondering when would be a good time to enter the market. Read More

Residential Buyers Agent
Testimonial from Louise and Robert
Louise and Robert  

After interviewing 4 buyers agents, we chose Prosper Group based on their balanced approach and experience. The process was made exceptionally easy, with lots of fair and honest information provided. We were especially impressed with the focused attention we received and the availability of our agent well outside of business hours.

As a result, we have already recommended friends to consider Prosper Group as their buyers agent. Read More

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