Residential Property Management

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Prosper Group does not treat property management as a result of property investing. To us, it's a key ingredient of successful property investing.


The way your residential investment property is managed can make a significant difference to your rental income and asset growth. At Prosper Group we take a different approach to property management, our entire business is focused on protecting and growing the wealth of our clients.

We guarantee you achieve the best return on your investment and continued asset growth, all whilst ensuring your property is being looked after and your tenant is happy.

We undertake inspections after the first two months of a tenancy commencement and then at six-monthly intervals to assess the property's condition. 

We provide you with a full report after these inspections with photographs giving you the evidence you need that the property is being effectively maintained.

On top of the day-to-day communication with tenants, we provide investment consultations to you, demonstrating how you can increase its value, avoid costly repairs as well as market conditions for rental increases, peak seasons and promote your property to attract loyal tenants

For peace of mind, income surety and maximum return on your residential property investment, you can trust Prosper Group, the investment property experts, to manage it all for you.

With Vision - we grow your investment

Our Process

Realistic and achievable but always aspirational, our process gets results. 


Our rental assessment presents a detailed analysis of your property's rentability and marketability, given the current market trends and conditions. Our expert team will assess your property's location, features and nearby amenities, as well as the area's recently rented properties and overall housing market. Once we have reviewed these factors, we will prepare an accurate report to maximise your returns.

Property Presentation

To best present and market your investment property, we ensure that it is presented in the best possible light. This can be achieved through professional photography, virtual tours, and detailed property descriptions.

We market your property on the leading platforms and through targeted advertising to reach the right audience. Our extensive database also gives us a leading edge to ensure maximum interest in your property. We have a strong understanding of all local markets and provide you with regular updates and feedback to ensure your property is marketed effectively

Tenant Suitability

When conducting tenant inspections and reviewing their applications, Prosper Group looks for several key factors. First, we consider the tenant's ability to pay rent on time, as this is a critical aspect of maintaining a steady cash flow for our clients. We review their employment and financial history to ensure they have a stable income and a good track record of managing their finances.

Next, we look for responsible tenants who will take care of the property and maintain it well. This includes tenants who have a history of keeping their previous rentals in good condition and have no record of causing damage to a property. We also look for tenants who have good communication skills and are responsive to any issues or concerns that may arise during their tenancy.

We also conduct a background check on prospective tenants to qualify only trustworthy applicants. While there is always a small risk that a tenant may cause problems, we take steps to minimise this risk by only selecting tenants who have a clean record and have not been involved in any criminal activities.

Finally, we consider how well the tenant will fit with the property and the neighbourhood. This includes looking at factors such as their lifestyle, family situation, and whether they have any pets. By taking all of these factors into account, we can ensure that our clients have reliable and responsible tenants who will help them maximise their investment returns.

Tenant Acceptance

At Prosper Group, we guide both the tenant and landlord through the acceptance process, negotiating the best terms for both parties. Our experienced property managers ensure that all contracts are signed and taken care of, leaving no room for misunderstandings or disputes.

We also ensure a smooth handover of the property to the tenant, providing them with a thorough induction and explaining their responsibilities to maintain the property to a high standard. This ensures that both the tenant and landlord have a positive experience throughout the entire process.

Ongoing Management

At Prosper Group, property management is not merely a consequence of property investing, but rather a crucial element of successful property investing. How your residential investment property is managed can have a considerable impact on your rental income and asset growth.

That's why we have a distinct approach to property management that revolves around safeguarding and enhancing the wealth of our clients. We promise to ensure that you attain the best possible return on your investment and continued asset growth while ensuring that your property is well-maintained and your tenant is satisfied.


Property Management FAQs

Our property management team have the experience to grow your investment. 

How do I change the management of my property over to Prosper Group? 

Changing your property's management to Prosper Group is easy, even if it's currently managed by another agent. We offer a stress-free changeover procedure for new landlords, which means you won't have to contact your prior management directly.

Once you get in touch with us, we'll take care of the rest, including notifying your tenants along with collecting keys and documents from your current agent. Trust us to manage your investment property seamlessly.

What is the definition of a 'good tenant'?

A responsible tenant pays rent promptly and takes good care of your property, resulting in a positive experience. Most tenants understand the importance of complying with their rental agreement, and as many of them become homeowners in the future, they value a good landlord-tenant relationship.

Can I expect tenants to default on their rent?

Prosper Group qualifies only trustworthy prospective tenants through a background check, but there is always a small possibility of problematic tenants. However, our experienced property managers take extra measures to minimise this issue.

Bad tenants are commonly found in poorly managed properties, but we ensure that our properties are well-maintained and managed to avoid such problems.

What are my major responsibilities as a landlord?

As a landlord, it is your duty to provide and maintain a habitable dwelling that meets basic safety and health standards, including structural integrity, access to utilities such as water, electricity, and heat, proper waterproofing, and sanitary living conditions. You are also responsible for complying with the safety regulations set forth in the Building Code of Australia.

What if I want a rent amount that is higher than your recommendation?

While you can set any rental amount you desire for your property, keep in mind that market demand determines the rent. If prospective tenants feel that the asking rent is too high, your property may remain vacant longer than necessary, ultimately reducing your annual rental return for each week it is unoccupied.

I have found another real estate agent with lower fees, why should engage Prosper Group?

The property management industry is highly competitive, with various different business models provided within the industry with some agents willing to drop their fees below industry standards to win your business. However, your investment property is a significant investment that requires confident and professional management.

Prosper Group investors refer many friends to us after struggling with cheaper services that ultimately cost them money. Our core focus is on ensuring maximum returns and nurturing long-term tenant relationships to add value to your property and give you peace of mind.

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What our clients say

See what our satisfied clients have to say about our exceptional service and their successful outcomes.

Residential Property Management
Testimonial from Nick
Cremorne, NSW 

I have had the pleasure of working with Nicole from Prosper Group, who manages our current rental property. Nicole has been an absolute delight to work with. She's incredibly responsive, promptly addressing any questions we have and efficiently organizing repairs when needed. Her proactive approach to lease updates, like extensions, has given us peace of mind. We're thoroughly pleased with Nicole's services and wholeheartedly recommend her. Thank you, Nicole, for making our rental experience a breeze! Read More

Residential Property Management
Testimonial from Ian and Terry
Ian and Terry  
Maroubra, Darling Point and Annandale 

We would like to send you a huge thank you for your assistance with our rental properties. You are always extremely helpful, professional and execute everything with a wonderfully positive attitude. It is very much appreciated. Read More

Residential Property Management
Testimonial from Mark and Sue
Mark and Sue  
Pymble, NSW 

Quality customer service, excellent attention to detail, friendly and responsive to our needs. This is what we all expect from a residential property manager – right?  We purchased two residential investment properties on Sydney’s lower north shore some years ago and entrusted Shellee Henness to look after the properties on our behalf. Shellee was fabulous, and certainly ticked all the boxes. After a few years her employer’s PM client list was sold to one of the high profile big name firms, we were moved over to them and lost contact with Shellee. That’s when we quickly discovered that property managers are not the same. Terrible communication, lengthy resolution of minor issues and blood boiling frustrations became the norm. After a painful year we gave up on them and tracked down Shellee at Prosper Group. The issues and problems were immediately solved; brilliant customer service was restored. We cannot recommend Prosper Group highly enough. If you are decidedly underwhelmed by your current PM, then we strongly recommend that you give Prosper a go. We trust them implicitly and know that we are in very safe hands. Read More

Residential Property Management
Testimonial from Loren
Lane Cove, NSW 

I have worked with Prosper Group on not only a personal level through the management and leasing of my property but on a professional level through a referral business model for many years now. In both aspects of this, myself and my clients have had an amazing experience due to their dedication to supporting their clients through all facets of the management process.

Through years of referring clients through to Prosper Group, the feedback from every client is always that it is such a smooth process with the most positive outcome. A huge part of this outcome is the support that the team provides to their clients with very regular and concise updates.

I have experienced this personally through the recent lease and now management of my own property. Using her team was a decision made off the back of my customers feedback and I can confidently say that every word is the truth. Prosper Group held my hand through what I found to be an emotional experience as it was due to a separation of marriage. They completely understood my needs and ensured that I was well supported in every way possible and continue to do so throughout my lease.

I couldn’t recommend Prosper Group enough to anyone requiring their needs. Read More

Residential Property Management
Testimonial from Kaye and Michael
Kaye and Michael  
Fairlight, NSW 

Thought I would take the opportunity to give a note of thanks and appreciation on your management of our property at Fairlight.

In the five years we have had property managed here in Australia we have never experienced the level of management and confidence that you give us.

In appreciation. Read More

Residential Property Management
Testimonial from Dr K. Wong
Dr K. Wong  

Thank you Prosper Group for your excellent services in managing my property!  I really appreciate your prompt and supportive services and ability to pay attention to details. I wish to write a testimonial for you to express my appreciation to you. Thank you very much.

Read More

Residential Property Management
Testimonial from Sarah Still
Sarah Still  

Prosper Group, thank you so much for your professional approach to managing our properties and tenants. You always select stable long term tenants that care for our property as much we do. I really appreciate that you are always available, positive and helpful. The record keeping is spot on, a real help at tax time. Like everyone these days I’m flat out with career and family commitments and having your help with the investment properties takes the pain and risk away from property investment. I would absolutely recommend the Prosper Group team to any property investor. Read More

Residential Property Management
Testimonial from Lisette
MacMahons Point, NSW 

After consulting with a few agencies to determine which one would be the best to manage our investment property, we decided on Prosper Group as it seemed to be one that would go that extra mile.

We are very happy we made that choice, as Prosper Group has managed our property in the most professional and dedicated manner – the time and effort spent to ensure that our tenants were going to be the right ones for our property was extensive and thorough.

The market appraisal was higher than what any other agency had committed to – it turned out to be accurate and we had fantastic tenants. If there was a problem with the property, the Team would advise us immediately and have contractors attend to it quickly.

As we had to move interstate, it was a relief to know that our house was in good hands and that we were dealing with a team that not only made everything easy, but actually cared – we will use them again with any future investment properties. Read More

Residential Property Management
Testimonial from Guy Taffs
Guy Taffs  
Naremburn, NSW 

After renting our current property from Prosper Group and being thoroughly impressed with their consultative approach, we engaged them to manage our investment property.

Their rental appraisal was spot on and – more importantly – they successfully placed a new tenant in our property within 48 hours of going to market.

The Team at Prosper Group are professional, honest, great with communication and have a very reliable team of contractors. They are completely service-focused and make doing business with them easy.

Read More

Residential Property Management
Testimonial from Michelle Collins
Michelle Collins  
Coogee, NSW 

I recently placed my residential property with the Prosper Group team. I felt very comfortable in furthering ongoing business, and have come to expect a seamless service. My apartment was leased after the first inspection and I felt very comfortable with Prosper Group’s tenant selection and market rental recommendation, all proving to be very accurate.

I found the Prosper Group team to be highly professional and friendly, responsive to our needs and our tenant’s concerns, and always willing to do that bit extra. This is an important point as I am not a resident in Sydney.

In all my dealings with Prosper Group I have felt the team really cared about the result, cared about the property and cared about our business relationship.’’

Read More

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