Are Prosper Groups services independent?

Prosper Group is a true independent property buyer’s agent that works in the best interests of you – the buyer. We do not sell property and are not paid any fees or commissions by the vendor, real-estate agent, builders or developers. We source properties from across the whole market and not from any one source or agent in particular. Our focus is on finding you the right property at the right price.

How can Prosper Group help me find my property?

Reviewing the details of hundreds of properties each week and then physically inspecting those short listed enables us to effectively cover the market and find you the best property. Our many industry contacts also alert us to suitable properties before they even list on the open market, allowing us “preview access”. We know what to look for and where to look and because we are doing this full time, we are able look at enough properties to find the right one for you. Having preview and direct access to the best properties provides you with an advantage over other buyers and allows you to secure your ideal property faster, saving you time and eliminating all the stress.

What are the benefits in engaging Prosper Group to source the property for me?

Today’s market demands a property strategy, and that’s the approach we use to help our clients achieve their desired outcomes. We take away the time and stress that is associated with a property journey, giving you access to quality properties that best meet your needs faster. Along with properties which are being advertised we have access to ‘off market’ or ‘silent sales’, these are properties which are not being advertised and instead offered to a select group of buyers. We have the insights into what works, and negotiate directly with vendors and real estate agents to acquire properties at best prices. Our property review and analysis, means you avoid costly mistakes or property pitfalls.

What means do you use to source property?

We have an extensive industry network including real estate agents, builders, developers, architects, solicitors and valuers. We work with these contacts on a daily basis to obtain the details of properties which are off market or prior to them hitting the market. Further we cover all sources to ensure both properties on market and off market have not been missed.  On a regular basis we approach vendors directly for properties we feel may be suitable for our clients.

What if I have already found a property, can Prosper Group still help?

Yes. We provide an ‘evaluate and negotiation only’ service. In this case we would undertake a due diligence process to assess the property and inform you on any aspects to be aware of. We would be the point of contact for all discussions and negotiations with the real estate agent to settle the property at its best value for you. This service is beneficial to those that find the buying process including negotiating a little confronting or who wish to retain their anonymity throughout the process.

Can Prosper Group negotiate a better deal than I could myself?

Statistically the majority of purchasers pay 10% plus more for a property than the price originally set for it. Many purchasers also miss out on properties due to them not having enough information or time to evaluate the property and make a confident offer. Through our superior knowledge of the market, access to comprehensive data and research, industry relationships and our expert negotiation capability we have a successful track record of negotiating the best deal for our clients. This includes the best possible purchase price along with the most favourable terms for our clients.

What do you mean by a due diligence report?

Our due diligence report is a comprehensive checklist of specific items that are checked and addressed before you purchase a property. The report identifies any issues with the property, street or area that you are buying in. In some cases this may identify that the property is not worth proceeding with. In others, it may allow us to re-negotiate the purchase price.

How is Prosper Group different to other buyers agents?

Our true advantage is our team’s extensive market knowledge, networks and commitment to providing assured value to our clients. We are committed to making the property experience seamless and enjoyable. Some of Australia’s most recognisable names and brands are our clients.  If you’re seeking to purchase commercial property we are one of the only, if not the only buyers agency to have a separate team dedicated purely to commercial property.

At Prosper Group, we work as a team so that this wealth of experience reduces your risk and ensures you make an informed decision when it comes to your property purchase.