Upgrading Your Home in a Seller’s Market

With the auction clearance rate continuing to surge at 80+% and prices in premium suburbs continuing to grow at a rapid rate, it’s not surprising that many families are daunted by the task of upgrading to a superior home. Some buyers are just biting the bullet and listing their current home, with the optimistic hope that plenty of good options will become available as soon as they have sold. Unfortunately, this dream can often transform into a nightmare of inconvenience, compromises and additional funding as good options fail to emerge and prices continue to increase.

At Prosper Group we take a holistic approach to our client’s needs and look at the larger picture of how to make that upgrade in the smartest and most cost-effective way possible. How do you best tackle the buying and selling juggle in such a tight market? Timing and planning are crucial, and both should be completely tailored around your benefit, rather than a sales agent’s desire to secure a listing.

Our approach, through our vendor advocacy service, is to manage the planning and timing of the sale of their existing home – taking control back from the agents and other buyers. In the current market it is far easier to sell than buy. So while we are rigorously searching for our clients’ new home (both on and off-market), we can simultaneously coordinate the overall preparation of our client’s sale through the agent of their choice. It’s an optional service, but one that has reaped huge rewards for many of our clients. Importantly, it also takes much of the stress out of a process where many buyers can find themselves hemmed into buying an inferior property for a lot more than they had initially planned on spending.

With all the marketing (photos, floor plans etc.) done and a detailed plan in place for styling and presentation, our clients can then confidently concentrate on the real goal – buying their dream home at the right price. Once sourced, we will negotiate purchase terms favourable to our client and simultaneously oversee a carefully considered sales campaign – often culminating in a seamless simultaneous settlement.

The Sydney market has already experienced capital growth of 5.3% in just the first three months of 2017. So most home upgraders can’t afford to sell their existing home and be out of the market for too long. The aim of our vendor advocacy service is to prevent this from occurring.

If you are like many homeowners wanting to upgrade, but are cautious about how to best approach all the opportunities and pitfalls involved, we can give you a plan and manage the whole process on your behalf. Rather than exposing yourself to imbalanced negotiation scenarios and surging prices, we will put you ahead of other buyers and give you the knowledge and strategy to maximise your gain while minimising the risks.

To discuss how Prosper Group can assist in this competitive market please contact us on 1300 664 373 or [email protected]