It could be your very first home, your dream family home or perhaps you are relocating to a new location. Buying a home should be a very exciting and rewarding time and at Prosper Group, that’s the exact experience we want you to enjoy. Let Prosper Group remove the stress and provide confidence with your home purchase.

When we first meet, we will take the time to understand your exact preferences, from price, to location, features and aspirations. We then review the market, reach out to our networks for off-market opportunities and inspect homes to create a shortlist of suitable properties. We want to get our clients through properties before the general public become aware this property is for sale.

Our guarantee is to buy you the right property at the right price.

A thorough due diligence process will make sure you are fully aware of any potential risks or pitfalls to the property.

Prosper Group is not influenced by the sales method or price guide being applied by an agent. Instead we conduct our own comparative analysis of recently sold properties in the area to satisfy ourselves of what the purchase price should be for each property we assess.

As your buyer’s agent, we take a strategic approach to every stage of the process to give you the best results possible. All discussions, negotiations and bidding is undertaken by our team to ensure we secure your home of choice for the lowest possible price.

All this is done well-ahead of the time it takes most people to buy a home, enabling you to move in quickly and enjoy your new home.

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Residential Buyers Agent FAQ’s

What’s the difference between a Buyer’s Agent and a real estate agent?

A Buyer’s Agent represents the buyer and is retained and paid exclusively by the buyer. A Buyer’s Agent does not sell property. A Buyer’s Agent acts in the best interest of a buyer.

A real estate agent represents the vendor (seller) and is retained and paid exclusively by the vendor. A real estate agent acts in the best interest of the vendor.

What’s involved with the full Buyer’s Agent service?

Prosper Group’s full Buyers Agent service covers the following aspects of a client’s property purchase:

  • Establishing the clients criteria – Our knowledge of the market allows us to evolve your requirements into a criteria which is in line with the current market
  • Sourcing of properties – We cover the market with both on market and off market opportunities
  • Presentation of short listed properties – With each property we provide a summary of our thoughts on the property and how this matches the purchasing criteria
  • Comparative market analysis – We provide an analysis of the price expectation and potential rent (if an investment property) based on recent comparative sales/rentals (note: Prosper Group are not valuers and can not provide a formal valuation)
  • Negotiations – A negotiation strategy is developed taking into account both price and terms. Regularly we are able to save more off the price than our fee.
  • Due diligence – We complete and provide our detailed due diligence report prior to the purchase becoming unconditional. In addition, we arrange and coordinate any third party contractors required for this purchase, i.e. valuers, building inspectors, fit out contractors, surveyors etc.
  • Transaction management through to settlement – We manage the purchase through to settlement, including liaising with your solicitor, financier etc.

How can I benefit from using a Buyer’s Agent?

Buyers use a Buyer’s Agent for the following reason:

  • Lack of time – Buying a property is time intensive if done correctly. A buyer’s agent removes this time restraint and allows time poor buyers to purchase their property.
  • Lack of confidence – A lack of experience or confidence should not stop a buyer from purchasing their home or investment property. By employing a Buyer’s Agent it allows buyers to get professional assistance with the purchase of their property.
  • Facts and figures over emotion – a Buyer’s Agent provides their clients with the fundamental facts and figures of each property being considered. This allows their clients to make an educated decision in regard to the property they purchase, rather than an emotional decision.
  • Negotiation – A Buyer’s Agent is an experienced and professional negotiator and auction bidder, working on behalf of the buyer to purchase the property at the lowest achievable price.
  • Greater exposure to properties for sale – A Buyer’s Agent is well connected with the real estate agents. Further, real estate agents see Buyer’s Agents as repeat buyers, rather than the average mum and dad buyer who may buy every 5 – 10 years. For this reason Buyer’s Agents are constantly being presented with off market properties, meaning their clients have a broader horizon of properties to consider.
  • Geographically restricted – a buyer being geographically located either overseas or interstate can often be a barrier to prevent a property purchase. A buyer’s agent provides these buyers with a solution to allow them to confidently purchase their property.
  • A professional VERSUS a professional – buying your home is nearly always the most expensive asset you will ever buy, therefore is it smart to do this without any professional assistance? By employing a Buyer’s Agent you are employing a professional to assist you to deal with the real estate agent, who is the professional representing the vendor.

Will they find off-market properties?

Yes, a good Buyer’s Agent is well connected and respected with real estate agents and therefore are regularly provided with off market or pre-market opportunities. Further, Buyer’s Agents have connections with developers and property owners, providing an additional source of off market properties.

Should I use a Buyer’s Agent?

Unless you have unlimited time and are an experienced property buyer with strong knowledge of the suburbs or the suburb you are planning to purchase within, then yes you should strongly consider engaging a Buyer’s Agent to purchase you the right property at the right price.

How much do Buyer’s Agents cost?

Buyer’s aAgents charge either a fixed fee or percentage of the purchase price. Generally, the fee is between 1 – 3% including GST.

Residential Buyers Agent TESTIMONIALS

Prosper Group’s due diligence saved our client an additional $40,000 off the negotiated price.

Thank you Prosper Group for finding a great home for us. Running a busy firm, having a small child and another on the way meant that we could not devote the time to do the looking for ourselves. I was especially impressed with the way in which you were able to negotiate an extra $40,000 off the purchase price to allow for a few issues that were raised in the building report. Arranging for a remedial builder to come to the property and quote on those issues gave us the confidence to proceed with the purchase. Prosper Group’s expertise reduced our risk and guided us through the whole process with confidence.

Trent Signor

Solicitors purchase investment property for their growing portfolio

With both my wife and I being solicitors it doesn’t leave much time for investing. I located Prosper Group on the internet and after a few initial discussions felt comfortable they had the expertise and experience to assist with growing our property portfolio. I particularly liked what they call their tailored approach; starting with our criteria and using this criteria to source an appropriate investment property. Prosper Group makes purchasing a property very easy. They constantly provide market data, reports, photos and updates throughout the process. They are professional with everything they do. We have now purchased 2 properties through Prosper Group, one in Brisbane and the other in Sydney. I have no hesitations in recommending Prosper Group and plan to continue to use their services in the future.

Thank you!

Tim & Jenny James
Freemantle, WA

Overseas expat successfully invests in Sydney

Buying a property in Australia whilst being based overseas could have been very stressful, but the team ensure that we were well looked after. Prosper Group has very high standards and I felt confident that the team was only ever going to find me the best property for my needs and budget.

Susannah & Dean Geary
Hong Kong

Inter-state investor secures high quality off market property

Prosper Group was able to secure a high quality off the market property in an excellent area and at a reasonable price in a fast moving seller’s market. Prosper Group exceptional availability, patience, easy-going nature and professionalism made the whole process smooth and enjoyable. This was crucial since as an inter-state investor I had no choice but to depend on Prosper Group. An example of Prosper Group’s commitment is when a staff member gave up a Saturday to pick me up from the airport, do numerous inspections and show me around different areas of Sydney.

Frans Dekker

Very happy time poor Doctor who had big expectations

Just wanted to say a big thanks to Prosper Group for all your help! I appreciate you making life easy for me. It’s probably difficult dealing with a client like me, who wants as little to do with the purchasing of a property, but at the same time wants the perfect investment without having to put in any effort! But you have made it all seamless, and I felt like was in good hands!


Bosco Li

Inner City oversized one bedroom apartment for first-time investor

“Prosper Group was great. They were patient and found me the right property at the right price – I could not have asked for a better experience”.


Sascha Bannon
Surry Hills

Inner West family home with great potential

“My partner and I spent over a year of intensive searching for our first family home. We always seemed to be the second highest bidder at auctions but never the winning bidder. Each time we missed out on a property, the prices jumped so fast that our ideal home became more and more unobtainable. We engaged the help of Prosper Group and immediately knew we were in good hands. In less than 3 weeks they found us a property and used their excellent negotiating skills to secure it for us through a pre-auction offer. They were involved all the way through to settlement and we would recommend them to anyone looking to purchase a home.”


Eliza & Jamie

Northern Beaches unit sourced for astute investor

“Finding and negotiating the right property can be a difficult and time consuming task – but with Prosper Group the whole process from sourcing to settlement was hassle-free. I thoroughly recommend their services”.


Mark Roberts
PR Consultant 

Busy professional couple save $80,000 on luxurious Eastern Suburbs property

“We first got to know the team at Prosper Group when we were seeking advice on property investing.

My husband and I would search for property in our limited spare time. This gave us an insight into how difficult and time intensive it was to first locate a potential ‘deal’ and then work out all the risks and apply all the correct calculations and outside of the square thinking. As we were both working full time, searching for the ‘right’ investment slowly came to a standstill.

Recently, Prosper Group contacted us regarding a potential deal – several apartments in Bondi Beach were being sold by one owner. The apartments were five years old and just 300 metres from the beach. Prosper Group completely researched the entire market and provided us with all the information that we needed to make a decision. They negotiated a quick sale for us in exchange for a 9% discount off the actual valuation price. This created around $80,000 of instant equity.

Prosper Group made the whole process a breeze, answering any questions and being available at any time. We’re convinced that no other buyers agent offers such an unbiased and educated view on property investment as Prosper Group does”.


Mahlah Ludekens

Professional couple secure the ideal North Shore property

“Prosper Group located a property that had just come on the market that covered everything we were looking for. They moved quickly to secure the property for us at a price that we feel represented good value.

This all happened within four days of the property being listed. We are enormously grateful and looking forward to moving into our new home”.

Kate Sawyer
Head of Production - Television Advertising